Our colleagues are key to our success. We recruit people who are highly experienced, well-qualified and extremely professional.  We also recognise that the right approach to patients is vital.

Our professional staff are reassuring and empathetic and their skills are backed up by thorough ongoing training with continued professional development (CPD). Our own training programme ensures that our staff achieve the highest standards every time. Our training can be tailored to meet individual staff needs.

Our leadership team are experts in their fields and are selected for their knowledge of best-practice and their management style which fits the ethos of our organisation.

Investment in new technology has made our control room a fast and efficient hub of the business. Computer aided dispatch and mobile communication systems ensure our fleet of ambulances operate in a responsive and rapid manner. 

We get to where it matters quickly and efficiently.

We welcome feedback about our services.

Any feedback we receive is discussed with the crew involved and also once any personal data is removed, is displayed on our crew notice board for all to see.

thankyouAll our Ambulances carry feedback forms and you can also leave feedback via our website.

Mr B

"The crew were cheerful and helpful, they are a credit to you"

Miss M

"The crew were amazing"

Mrs P

"My mother was very ill, thank you to the crew for their calm approach to the situation"

Mr W

"The crew were cheerful and helped me in every way"

Mr F

"The staff were first rate"

Mr S

"Thanks - you are a prime example of how patient transport should be"

Mr M

"I was really impressed by the crew - the world is a better place because of these two"

Mrs S

"I felt at ease at all times, the crew were fantastic with me"

Mr R

"A good example of compassion and quality of care"

Mr B

"Just to say a big thank you"

Mr K

"The crew were brilliant in a difficult situation - thank you"

Mrs O

"The control staff were very pleasant and professional"

Mrs H

"Please thank the crew for handling things so sensitively and warmly"

Mr S

"The crew went above and beyond, they made me fell secure and relaxed"

Mrs L

"The crew were brilliant they made me feel secure and relaxed"


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